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Student Management System ASP.Net Project

The Student management system is a windows based application developed in with c# language. The student management system is used to maintain and organize student records with personal detail, education detail and fees detail.


E – Society Management System ASP.Net Website

In this website we provide platform to register a society to our system, and there are many houses according to each society. Each house allocated to owner of house, all the owner are the members of our project.


Online Shoes Shopping Website Project

Online Shoes Shopping website is a online platform for shoes product selling website. User can buy shoes online from any where at any time from our website and make payment by credit card or any bank debit card.


Medical Store Management System Project

Medical store management system is a software application that manages stock records of medicine for medical store.The software store the stock and sales records and generate reports by stock and customer wise sales report. This system is developed in ASP.Net 2010 with C# language.


Stock Management System

Stock Management System software basically used to maintain all stock record with available stock and sell stock inventory records. Manage customer order, generate bill, alert stock reports, payment reports. Stock System also maintain total purchase stock amount, total sell amount reports and generate stock reports by item wise, company wise. generate order report by client wise, sell date wise, stock wise and more…

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  1. syed ameen says:

    this all are nice and good projects
    thank you for helping us
    can you please send me the some projects names

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