DML Command in SQL-Server

Data Manipulation Language (DML)

  • DML Stands for Data Manipulation Language.
  • DML statements are used for managing data within schema objects. Some examples:
  • SELECT – Retrieve/Select data from the database
  • This command is used to fetch/get a result set of records from a table.

    Syntax :- Select * from TableName

  • INSERT – insert data into a table
  • This command is used to add records to a table.

    Syntax :- Insert into TableName (Colmn1,Colmn2,…..) values (Value1,Value2,…..)

    Insert into StudemtMst (Name,Pincode) values (‘Meera’, ’383315′)

  • UPDATE – updates existing data within the table
  • This command is used to edit/Update the records of a table.

    Syntax :- Update Table TableName set Colmn1=’Values’
    Update Table StudentMst set Name=’Meera’ and Pincode=’383315′

  • DELETE – deletes records from the table.
  • This command is used to remove/delete records from a table.

    Syntax :- Delete from TableName;
    Delete from StudentMst where ID=’5′

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