How to Create new database in SQL -Server Management Studio.?

 Create new database in SQL -Server


  • Open the SQL-Server Management Studio 2005 from the Programs File.
  • Click on Connect Button to Open the Database. 
  • Right Click on the Database to Create a New Database.
  • Enter the Database name which you want to create. 
  • Then click OK button to Create New Database.
  •  After creating New Database you will have a below screen. 
  • Select the Database and select Table Tab to create new Table.

  •  For Creating New Table, Right click on the Table Tab and select New Table.


  • After this option you need to create column name which you want to create in your Table.


  • Before, creating a New Table, you will have to create a column for that Table.


  • Enter the Column name with Data Type, and then save the Table.


  • After doing this, you will have a Table.


  • For Showing the Table Data, Right Click on Table and click on the Open Table.


  • For Create New Stored Procedure go to Programmatically and then select Stored Procedure Tab.
  • I Hope, it will be helpful to you.

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