How to Restore a Database Backup of SQL-Server Management Studio 2005

Restore Database Backup of SQL -Server


  • Restore a Database Backup of SQL-Server Management Studio 2005.
  • Select the Database, which you want to Restore on it. 
  • Right click on the selected Database and go to ‘Task’ tab and select RESTORE option. 
  • Then select Database option. 
  • Database —> Tasks —->RESTORE —-> Database. 
  • After doing this you will have a below screen.
  •  Then Select the From device radio button from Opened windows. 
  • Then Brows the backup file of Database.
  • Set All files option from below screen and then select your backup database file.
  • Select the Database Backup file for Restore Database.
  • After Selecting Database go to the Options Tab, which is located below the General Tab.


  • Then check the Overwrite the Existing Database field. 
  • Finally, click OK button to Restore the Database.


  •  After completing successfully your task you will have a below screen.


  •  Doing this you will restore the database with all the data and stored procedure.


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