Start to learn ASP.Net ?

Start to learn ASP.Net

  • First step, You have to Install ASP.Net in your Computer.

  • After the Installation Open the ASP.Net Application.
  • Go to the All Programs –> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 —> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  • If you want to make a website then Click on Create Website, or want to make a windows application click on Create Project.

  • After the Click on OK button, you will have below page. The First page of your Website.
  • By-default Website has a one page named Default.aspx.
  • Each page has main Two Part.
    1. HTML Part - Where you can make html coding, Javascript and CSS.
    2. Design Part - Which is the part for the user.(Appearance of your Website)
      (The HTML and the Design Part are made on Single Page named Default.aspx)

    3. Code Behind Part - This part is using for Programming / Coding. Developer can use their Ideas, Logic via coding in this part.

      - In this website we are make coding using the C# Language in Code behind Page.

      (The Coding is written in page named Default.aspx.cs)
      - Here .cs indicate the we are using C# language as programming language.

      - Default.aspx.vb means we are using VB language.

  • ¬†Switch to Design view from the HTML Coding View :-

  • Below Screen indicate the ToolBox, Server Explorer and Properties View.

  • Show the Code behind Page view where you can write your coding in C# language.

  • Now you can start to make your personal website.

  • before, starting it we must know about web server controls.

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