Types of Conditional Structure

              – The conditional control structure is used to conditionally execute a set
                 of instructions.
               - Simple IF Statement

              – IF ELSE Statement

              – Nested IF ELSE statement

              – Ladder IF ELSE Statement

              – IF (Condition 1)
                       Statement 1;
                End IF
               If DateTime.Now.Hour >= 6 And DateTime.Now.Hour < 12 Then
                     lblMessage.Text = “Good morning.”
                 End If
                 If DateTime.Now.Hour >= 12 And DateTime.Now.Hour <= 17 Then
                     lblMessage.Text = “Good afternoon.”
                 End If
                 If DateTime.Now.Hour > 17 Or DateTime.Now.Hour < 6 Then
                     lblMessage.Text = “Good evening.”
                 End If
The code for using an ElseIf and an Else looks like this:

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