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Validationsummary Control in ASP.Net

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Example of RangeValidator Control in ASP.Net

Example of RangeValidator control in ASP.Net. Validate Mobile Number using RangeValidation Control in ASP.Net.

CompareValidator Control in ASP.Net

How to use Compare Validator control in match password with compare password in registration form in using compare validator control.

How to Detect Refresh or Postback in ASP.NET

We are always checking Ispostback value. IsPostback will always have the value which was set previously. So for instance, if the page was posted back before refresh, then the value will be true and if the page is not posted back before refresh, then the value will be false.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)   


if (!IsPostBack)       


Session[“PostID”] = “1001”;           

ViewState[“PostID”] = Session[“PostID”].ToString();           

Response.Write(“First Load”);       




if (ViewState[“PostID”].ToString() == Session[“PostID”].ToString())           

{                read more

How to use MultiView Control in ASP.Net

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ListBox Control in ASP.Net

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DropDownList Control in ASP.Net

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