MasterPage in ASP.Net

MasterPage in ASP.Net


  • MasterPage is a very useful concept of ASP.Net.
  • A single master page defines the look and feel and standard behavior¬† for all of the pages in your .Net application. 
  • Start to Create a MastePage in ASP.Net 
  • First, Add new masterpage in your web application from add new item tab. 
  • give the name of masterpage which you want. and then click add button to create new masterpage in your web application.

  • After doing this, you will have a below screen. 
  • which describe the HTML code of MastePage.
  • Below screen is design view of MasterPage.
  • Design your Masterpage with your ideas.


  • After Designing Masterpage we must apply this Masterpage to your web pages.


  • For applying MasterPage on your Webpage, 
  • Open the HTML code view of your webpage. 
  • Remove all code with tag.
  • Remove all HTML coding from Webpage.


  • Write down code on HTML side for add ContentPlaceHolder as per the shown in below figure.


  • After, doing this Masterpage apply on your web page.
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