Session Object in ASP.Net

Session Object in ASP.Net


  • There are many method to pass values from one page to another page in ASP.Net.
  • The most common method are SessionObject, QueryString Object, Context Object.1. Session Object –

    The session object is used to persist data across a user session during the user’s visit to a website. It is almost same as the Context object. When we use Response.Redirect, it causes the Context object to go away, so rather the Session object is used in such a scenario. Session object uses more of server memory than a context object. Example code below shows how to use Session object.

  • Session is a length /period of time that a particular browser instance spends accessing a website.

    Syntax :- Session[“sessionname”]=Values;

    If you want to send a data from ‘send.aspx’ page to ‘receive.aspx’ page.
    First, we have to create a session and then assign value to session.


    Redirect the page to the next page


    After redirecting a page we have to receive that session value in string variable.

    str Name=Session[“Name”].ToString();

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