What is ASP.Net?


– ASP.net is a tool / Technology for developing a powerful web and windows application using different languages.

– ASP.Net is Microsoft server-side Web technology.

– ASP.net is not a coding language.

– In 2002 Microsoft develop .NET Framework by merging ASP and VB 6.0.

ASP + VB 6.0 = .NET Framework (ASP.Net Product)

ASP.Net with C#
ASP.Net with C#

ASP.Net Framework Release:

1.0 Framwork  –  13/02/2002 Visual Studio .Net
1.1 Framwork  –  24/04/2003  Visual Studio 2003
2.0 Framwork  –  07/11/2005 Visual Studio 2005
3.5 Framwork  –  19/11/2007  Visual Studio 2008
4.0 Framwork  –  12/04/2010  Visual Studio 2010
4.5 Framework –  15/08/2012 Visual Studio 2012


ASP.Net is Microsoft server-side Web technology. ASP.NET takes an object-oriented programming approach to Web page execution. Every element in an ASP.NET page is treated as an object and run on the server. An ASP.NET page gets compiled into an intermediate language by a .NET Common Language Runtime-compliant compiler. Then a JIT compiler turns the intermediate code to native machine code, and that machine code is eventually run on the processor

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