What is ASP.NET ?


  • Microsoft Company developed .Net Technology in the early nineties.

  • It is basically used for Software development. 


  • ASP.Net is a web technology, which is provide an Environment for Developer to Create Web Application.
  • Asp.net is the product of Microsoft Technology.

  • Asp.Net is the framework that provide user to make website and windows application.

  • Before, Asp.Net invented Software Developer were use ASP (Active Server Page) for Developing a Dynamic Web Application, and use VB.6.0 (Visual Basic) for Developing a Windows Based Application.

  • Microsoft Developed Framework which combine ASP and VB, means Web Application and Windows Application.

  • A Framework is a Single Platform for build Website and Windows Application in Different Languages.

  • The Basic Languages are C# programming, Vb.net, J# and C++.

  • Developers are generally work with C# programming and Vb.net.

  • That is the reason we can also say it c# .net.

  • Visual studio 2005 is the tools of .Net framework 2.0.

  • The First version of Asp.net released in 2002 with framework 1.0.

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