Concatenate Two String using STRCAT() – C Program

In previous C String Program post we had discussed about String in Reverse Order and Toggle Case in String  and Calculate Length of String and String Compare and Reverse String and Concatenate String.

STRCAT() Function – C Program

In previous C program post we have done the concatenate two string without using STRCAT function.

STRCAT() Function – The STRCAT() Function used to join second string to at the end of first string.

The Syntax of STRCAT() Function :

strcat(str1, str2) – str2 is concatenated at the end of str1.
strcat(str2, str1) – str1 is concatenated at the end of str2.

Example of STRCAT() Function C Program

The Output of STRCAT C Program is :

Above STRCAT() C Program we have given two string “C” and “Program”, the output of concatenated string is : “CProgram”.

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