.NET Framework installation failure HRESULT 0xc8000222

How to fix .Net Installation error HRESULT 0xc8000222

The error we often have is the error like HRESULT 0xc8000222, while the installation of microsoft .net framwork 4.0 in windows 7.

This .net installation error mostly occurs in windows 7 operating system.

.NET Framework installation failure HRESULT 0xc8000222

.NET Framework installation failure HRESULT 0xc8000222

Here is the step to solve error HRESULT 0xc8000222.

step 1 - Disable your antivirus software.

step 2 - Stop the windows update service
- go to control panel –> windows update –> off auto update

step 3 – Rename the folder ‘SoftwreDistribution’ in C:/windows folder.
- open C:/–> Windows –> SoftwareDistribution <– rename the foder name to someething else liek ‘Software_Distribution’

step 4 - Restart the computer.

step 5 - Now install .net framwork 4, it should install smoothly in your pc.

Do above step you will solve .net framework installation error, .net installation failure error.

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