PHP Tutorials for beginners


PHP Introduction

  1. What is PHP ?
  2. Installation of PHP using wampserver.
  3. Run PHP using wampserver.
  4. Write PHP server side code.
  5. Comment code in PHP
  6. Echo and print statement in PHP
  7. PHP  Variables
  8. Variables Scope in PHP

PHP Operators

  1. Arithmetic operators
  2. Logical Operators
  3. Assignment operators
  4. Comparison operators
  5. String operators

PHP  Conditional Statements

  1. PHP conditional statements
  2. Simple if-else statements
  3. if-elseif-else statements
  4. Switch statements

PHP Loops

  1. What is loops in PHP ?
  2. PHP for loop
  3. PHP while loop
  4. PHP do-while loop
  5. PHP foreach loop

PHP  Functions

  1. PHP functions
  2. PHP isset() function
  3. PHP empty() function

PHP String Functions

  1. PHP String Functions
  2. The strlen() string function
  3. The substr() string function
  4. The str_word_count() string function
  5. The strrev() string function
  6. The strpos() string function
  7. The str_replace() string function
  8. The str_repeat() string function
  9. The empty() string function
  10. The strcmp() string function
  11. The trim() string function
  12. The strtolower() string function
  13. The strtoupper() string function
  14. The ucword() string function
  15. The ucfirst() string function

PHP Forms

  1. PHP with HTML forms
  2. PHP GET and POST methods
  3. HTML Action attributes
  4. $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST Functions

PHP  Advanced Tutorial

  1. What is Session in PHP?
  2. PHP session example
  3. What is Cookies in PHP?
  4. PHP cookies example
  5. PHP Date and Time date() function
  6. PHP getdate() function

File Handling with PHP

  1. PHP file inclue() and require() functions
  2. PHP file handling function
  3. PHP file open and read fopen(), fread() and fclose() functions
  4. PHP file create and write touch() and fwrite() functions
  5. PHP fgets(), fgetc() and feof() functions
  6. PHP copy(), unlink() and rename() functions
  7. PHP file_exists(), filesize() and realpath() functions

PHP Directory Functions

  1. Directory function in PHP
  2. Create directory using mkdir() function
  3. Remove directory using rmdir() function
  4. Open directory using opendir() function
  5. Read directory using readdir() function

PHP  File Upload

  1.  PHP file upload
  2. Upload only image using file upload
  3. Change image name while uploading image
  4. Create custom file upload in PHP
  5. PHP file upload example

PHP Errors

  1. Types of errors in PHP
  2. PHP error handling using die() function
  3. PHP Exception handling – try, throw and catch block

PHP and MySQL Database

  1. PHP and MySQL
  2. Create database in MySQL Server
  3. Create table in MySQL Server
  4. PHP – MySQL Database connection
  5. Select data from MySQL in PHP
  6. Select query in php mysql with example
  7. Insert data in mysql using php
  8. Update data in mysql using php
  9. Delete data from mysql using php

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