PHP tutorial for beginners

What  is PHP ?

PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. PHP comes from its earliest program, called “Personal Home Page”. PHP is a open source interpreted scripting language same as Microsoft asp (Active Sever Pages).

PHP is a server-side scripting language. PHP is most popular scripting language for developing a dynamic web site.

PHP is used to create dynamic webpage like registration form and login form for user with check credential username and password and if valid then login in to website other wise display an error message such as invalid login detail.

A PHP file contains HTML and JavaScript script code. The PHP and JavaScript both can be embedded into HTML web page. PHP is a server side script that run on web server while JavaScript is a client side scrip which is run on client browser.

PHP script are executed on web server and the result will be displayed in client browser as plan HTML.

PHP code smoothly run on Linux, Windows and Mac operating system. PHP Language supports all database server but mostly prefer My SQL server database.

PHP Scripting Language

  • PHP code is a server side scripting language.
  • PHP is an interpreted scripting language.
  • PHP is an open source free to download and use.
  • PHP is a platform independent scripting language.
  • PHP script easy to learn as compare to other server side language.
  • PHP file has “.php” extension.
  • PHP file contains HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code.

PHP Example

PHP is a interpreted with HTML page, means we have to write PHP statement within a HTML document such like :

<title>My First PHP Example</title>

//Display Hello message
echo "Hello Meera";


In this PHP tutorial our best try to teach step by step php web developmeent, php framwork, php programming language for php beginners. This PHP  tutorials developed for php beginners student to learn easy way to programming in php.

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