Install PHP using WampServer

PHP installation

This PHP tutorial we learn how to write php script on web pages. The PHP scripting language usually embedded in html page.

For installing php on computer and develop web pages in php you need to install following three component on your computer.

First install a web server :

PHP run all web server like “IIS – Internet Information Server” and Apache Server.
Mostly programmers use Apache Server because it is free available.

Download Apache Server here :

Second Install PHP Editor

There are many PHP editors available in market but people mostly use Notepad++ editor for write PHP script.

Third Install Database

PHP supports a wide range of databases, but mostly developer uses the MySQL server database.

Download MySQL Server Database :

PHP generally configure with following operating system

PHP with Linux System
If you using Linux system then install Apache Server for run PHP.

PHP with Windows System
If you using Windows system then install Apache Server OR IIS server for run PHP.

Now, here we will learn the easiest way to run PHP on computer system using Wampserver.

First Downlaod Wampserver software and run setup as an administratior.

Download wampserver for php installation

Download WampServer Here : Downlaod Wampserver link

After successful download Wampserver install setup run as administrator.


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