Create Simple Login Page in ASP.Net

Login Form ASP.Net Example

There are two types of login page static login page and dynamic login page. In a static login page the username and password are fixed, only predefined user can login to site. On other side the dynamic login page works with multiple users, username and password stored in database.

Static Login Page Example in ASP.Net
Static Login Page Example in ASP.Net

Static Login Form

  • Username and password are fixed
  • Predefined user  can login
  • Does not use database
  • Write username and password values  on coding page

Dynamic Login Form

  • Username and Password are not fixed
  • Multiple use can login
  • Use Database
  • Fetch username and password values from database

Static Login Form Example in ASP.Net

In this tutorial we will create a static login page in c#.

First create website in visual studio and design a login page. In this login example we have decided first username and password values. The username = “meera” and password = “academy”.

Step 1 : Open Visual Studio –> Create New Empty Website

Step 2 : Add New Web forms

Step 3 : Design Login page with Two TextBox along with Button control.

Step 4 : Write C# code on Login Button click events.

Login ASP.Net Example
Login ASP.Net Example

C# code for above example