CrystalReport in ASP.Net

Bind CrystalReport in ASP.Net


  • Here, we will give you basic ideas with example how to create and bind CrestalReport with Dataset in ASP.Net Application using C# Language.
  • Before, you start, you must have to knowledge about database connection with ASP.Net application.
  • Add New Crystal Report from Add new Item Menus in your Web Application.
  •  Select the Black Report option on below page.
  • After Adding New Crystal Report, you will have below crystal report in your Application.
  • There are many section on Crystal Reports.
  • Report Header Generally used to Display Heading/Title of the Reports. 
  • Page Header used to Display Content/Data Heading or Title.
  • Detailused to Display the Data/Content of your Reports. 
  • Report Footer used to Display Footer of the Reports. 
  • Page Footer used to Display Page Number of the Reports.
  •  Now, we are going to learn, how to Bind data from Database to CrystalReports.
  • Select the  Field Explorer —>> Right Click on the DataBase Fieldand Select the First option DataBase Expert for fetch the DataSet from your Application to Crystal Reports.
  • Then  DataBase Expert —> Project Data —> ADO.Net DataSet
  • Select your Dataset, which you have already created in your application.


  •  Now , In Field Explorer —> DataBase Field Option, you will have a DataSet with all the Column of your Database table.
  • Then simply Drag and Drop the Field in Detailsection which you want to Display on Reports.
  • After, Finishing this step, we need to go to our application webpage.
  • Drag the CrystalReportViewer from the ToolBox on your webpage.
  • CrystalReportViewer is used to Display the Reports on webpage.
  • Just, Write the below code in your coding file for fetching the Data from Server and bind it to the Crystal Reports.
  • Below screen is the Output of your Reports.
  • I Hope so this will be helpful to you

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