Free Download Database of Online Campus Selection System Project

Database of Campus Selection System – ASP.Net C#

In this project post we will give you full free database of Online Campus Selection System website project. We provide this free project for students, only for educational purpose.
Free Download Online Campus Selection System ASP.Net Website

Online Campus Selection System Project SQL-Server Database.

Here, we have provided Free Database Download link of Online Campus Selection System Project. Follow below steps and run the project.

Step to create database

Step 1 : Create New Database OCCS in SQL Server
Step 2 : Download SQL Database backup file (.txt format) from below link
Step 3 : Open New Query Windows –> Copy and Past backup code –> Execute query
Step 4 :  After execute query, all tables and stored procedures will be created automatically.
Step 5 : Run the project
Step 6 : Add username and password value manually in AdminMst table for Admin login.

Campus Selection System Database Download link : Download Database

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Download and Run Project Demo :

Learn how to download and run c# .net project with source code. Project Demo

We hope that this free project database tutorial helped you to understand and run Online Campus Selection System Project.

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