What is Client Side Scripting Language and Server Side Scripting Language

Client Side Scripting Language :

– The client-side Scripting language usually run on Client browser.

– Client side script is a special script that is downloaded and executed at the users end.

– It is completely browser dependent.

– we can download the code.

– Client side scripting cannot be used to connect to the databases on the web server.

– Client side scripting is possible to be blocked by the user.

– Example : HTML, JavaScript, VBScript.


Server Side Scripting Language:

– The Server Side Scripting Language run on the Server, where the website is hosted.

– The  server side scripting the script is executed at the server end and the result is sent over to the user end.

– We cannot download the Code.

– Server side scripting is used to connect to the databases that reside on the web server.

– Server side scripting can’t be blocked by the user.

– Example : PHP, JSP,  ASP, ASP.Net, Ruby

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