What is Web Server ?

A Web Server is a Computer or Combination of computers, which is connected through internet or intranet to serve the clients requests, coming from their web browser.

It is a large repository of web pages which transfer to the client in response to their request. The client send request to the server through protocol such as FTP, HTTP, SMTP etc. for their own specific use.

Every web server has a unique IP address and domain name which identifies that machine on the network. A server contains the server software installed on it, which manages the client request and response them.

what is web server.
what is web server.

The most widely used Web server Microsoft’s Internet Information Server ( IIS ) and Apache.

  • HTTP Server – It handles HTTP request coming from client’s browser and transfer the static pages to client in response to their request.
  • FTP Server – This type of server used for file transfer from one machine (Computer) to another using the internet or intranet. It uses File Transfer Protocols to transfer file from one computer to another.
  • Mail Server – A Mail Server store and retrieve mail messages from client mail box.
  • Application Server – It is installed database and web servers.

Every web page on the internet also has a unique address, called a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL. Something like “www.meeraacademy.com/page1.htm” is an example of a typical URL. When a user types that URL into a web browser, the machine the browser is running on sends a request to the IP address of the machine running the web server for that page, requesting that all the content found there be sent back. Once the web server receives that request, it sends the page content back to the IP address of the computer asking for it. The web browser then translates that content into all of the text, pictures, links, videos, etc. that so many web pages contain.

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