STRNCAT() Function – C Program

STRNCAT() Function – C Program

Write a C Program for concatenates two string using STRNCAT Function.

STRNCATE() Function : – The STRNCAT used to concatenate some portion of second string at the end of first string.

The Syntax of STRNCAT() Function :

strncat(str1, str2, 5) – The first 5 character of string str2 is concatenated at the end of string str1.
strncat(str2, str2, 2) – The first 2 character of string str1 is concatenated at the end of string str2.

Example of STRNCAT() Function C Program

int main()
char str1[100], str2[100];
printf("Please, enter the first string = ");
printf("\nPlease, enter the second string = ");
strncat(str1, str2, 4);
printf("\nThe concatenate string is = %s",str1);
return 0;

The output of STRNCAT() Function C Program is :

Please, enter the first string = Meera
Please, enter the second string = Academy

The concatenate string is = MeeraAcad


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