Data Manipulation Language – DML Statement

In previous SQL post we had discussed about SQL Concept, SQL Database and SQL Table and what is Data Definition Language Statements.

In this SQL post i will explain DML – Data Manipulation Language Statements.

DML – Data Manipulation Language

DML – Data Manipulation Language contains the commands used to insert, retrieve and modify data or records in database. The DML is used to retrieve, insert and modify database information. A DML is a Language that enables users to access and manipulate data in to database.
This manipulation includes insert new data into database, select / retrieve existing data from database, modify data in the database and delete / remove existing data from tables.

DML Statements :

  • Retrieve the  information from the database
  • Insert new information into the database
  • Modify / Update information in the database
  • Delete information in the database

The DML Statements include main four Commands :

The SELECT command used to retrieve data from a tables.

The INSERT command used to insert new data into tables.

The UPDATE command used to modify existing data in the tables.

The DELETE command used to remove existing records from tables.

We will learn all DML Command in detail with our next article.

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