We have already learned WHERE Clause and ORDER BY Clause and TOP Clause and SELECT  DISTINCT Clause in our previous post.

In this sql post i will explain you what is GROUP BY Clause and How to use GROUP BY Clause in sql with example.
GROUP BY Clause – The SQL GROUP BY Clause is used to returns all records togather with specified column and perfom aggregate function on one or more columns.

The SQL GROUP BY Clause Syntax :

SELECT col1, aggregate_function(col2) FROM table_name GROUP BY clo1

Above sql statement the aggregate function may be SUM, AVG, COUNT, MAX, MIN.
The aggregate function performed on col2 with group by col1 value

The SQL GROUP BY Clause Example :

Here, we have sql table Student with some records like below.

The SQL Student Table :

ID Name City Email Fees
1 Meera Bombay meera@yahoo.com 2000
2 Ram Surat ram@yahoo.com 5000
3 Jay Bombay jay@yahoo.com 3000
4 Vaidehi Ahmedabad meera@yahoo.com 7000
5 Dharva Ahmedabad dharva@yahoo.com 3000

Now, we want to get number of student by city name wise, the sql group by query would be like:

SELECT City, COUNT(ID) as Total_Student FROM  Student GROUP BY City

The SQL GROUP BY Clause Result is :

City Total_Student
Bombay 2
Surat 1
Ahmedabad 2

Example : Sum of total Fees given by student city name wise.

SELECT City, SUM(Fees) as Total_Fees FROM Student GROUP BY City

The  SQL GROUP BY Query Result is :

City Total_Fees
Bombay 5000
Surat 5000
Ahmedabad 10000

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