DROP Command in SQL – DDL Statements

In previous SQL post we had discussed about Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language and CREATE Command and ALTER Command and USE Command.

DROP Command – DDL Statements

The DROP command used to remove the database object from DBMS, and delete the table from database.
Once we use DROP Command for database the database deleted with all the related objects like tables, views and stored procedures.

The DROP Command can not be rollback.

The DROP DATABASE Command Syntax:

DROP  DATABASE  Databasename

Databasename is the name of database to be dropped.

DROP DATABASE Command Example:

If we want to drop / delete database school, then the statement would be like :


Above statement drop database School with all the tables, views and stored procedures within it.

If we want to delete table from database then use DROP TABLE command.

The DROP TABLE Command Syntax:

DROP TABLE Tablename

Tablename is the name of table to be deleted.

DROP TABLE Command Example:

If we want to delete Student table permanently from database.

The DROP TABLE Statement would be like :


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