How to set default run form in windows application.

Set default form for run.

In previous post we learnt to create new form and run windows application. While we run application, there are many form in application, so we have to set which form will be run first as home page.

Here, in this c# post we will learn to change default form in windows application. When we create new windows application, there will be a single form in application which is Form1. When we run application the Form1 will be run as first page. If we want to change home page so we need to change in Program.cs file in solution explorer.

Change Default Form

Solution Explorer –> Program.cs –> Application.Run(new(Form1());
Set default Form in windows form application.

As shown in above figure, there is Form1() is default form, if we want other form as run first, so write new form name instead of Form1() in Program.cs file.

Next, c# windows application post we will learn about server side control.


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