Medical Store Management System Project in C#.Net

Medical Store Management Project in C#.Net

In previous project post we have discussed about Student Management System, Milk Management System, Library Management System project in with c# language.

In this project post we will learn how to create medical management system software in with sql server database. The medical store management system is a windows based application developed in

Medical Store Software System in .Net

Project Title :  Medical Store Management System
Abstract : Medical Software management system project used to maintain and track medicine stock inventory detail and store customer and bill detail for medical store.
Project Type :  Desktop / Windows Application
Technology : Visual Studio 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008 Database

Here we provide video tutorial for understand medical store management system project developed in In below section we also provide download link of medical store system with source code for learning purpose.

Project Video Tutorial

Medical Store Project Detail :

The Medical store system software is a medicine stock inventory system used in medical store. This software stores detail of medicine purchase stock and sell stock. We can maintain purchase stock detail by company wise sell stock detail by customer wise. This software automated generate bill for every selling and generate reports for stock, sell, and customer detail.

Project Module

Medical Software
Medical Store Management System Project

Database of Medical Store System Project

As we know that all dynamic website or software needs database, Here in this medical store system project we use sql server database. Below video tutorial shows database tables and stored procedures for  medical store project. As shows in video we need to create tables and stored procedures in sql server.

Download Medical Store System Project

Download project with source code
Download Medical Management System C#.Net Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database Stored Procedure. Download SP
Use Case Diagram – Medical Store Project. Download UseCase
Activity Diagram – Medical Store Project. Download Activity

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Download and Run Project Demo :

Learn how to download and run c# .net project with source code. Project Demo

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We hope that this c# project tutorial helped you to understand Medical Management System Project.

57 thoughts on “Medical Store Management System Project in C#.Net

  1. In visual studio 2010…. I going in new project after what should I select…… Visual c# (windows ya Web)

  2. Excellent!!! 100% Work this project perfectly.
    step 1: create database namely “MEDICAL”,
    manually create table (see video tutorial) in sql server 2008
    (very carefully create table all the fields and primary key)
    step 2: copy and paste stored procedure file, execute stored procedure file in sql server 2008
    step 3: manually insert username and password in UserMst table.
    step 4: open .net –> select solution file–> run this project
    Thank you so much !!! meera academy

  3. Hi there
    I have error in while i insert any data in compny fild it’s say there is no found any stored procedures ,

    i try to add compny_insert Stored Procedureds but it’s show error message
    in sql database like this
    Msg 213, Level 16, State 1, Procedure CompanyMst_Insert, Line 9
    Column name or number of supplied values does not match table definition.

    so please help me and solve this error

    this error show in every insert stopred procedured so
    kindly please solve this

  4. Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value ‘hydra’ to data type int. this error occure when inserting stock

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