Inventory management system in c#

Stock Management System Software

Here, in this project post we will going to learn about inventory management system or stock management system software. We developed this stock management system in windows application using C# language and we use Microsoft Access as database of this system.


Project Title : Stock management System
Project Concept : Maintain stock record like stockin, sell record, order record and maintain inventory on daily and monthly basis.
Type of Project : Windows application
Technology : ASP.Net C# Language as Front End
Database : Microsoft Access  as Back End Database

Introduction : Inventory  management system in C#

This window based stock system software used in any kind of shop like any grocery shop, any electrical accessory shop. We can use this software for maintain stock inventory  records and sales, order, payment records on daily and monthly basis. The stock management software generate stock reports, sales reports, payment reports all types of reports which are necessary for mange our stock will generate in this system.

We also provide facilities to order cancellation, returns faulty stock to company or dealer, maintain stock company bill and company payment detail.

Project Module

This stock system only owner can operate whole system. There are two types of user Admin and Simple User. Admin can do all facilities of system while user are restricted to operate some facilities of system.

In this project module, lets discuss all facilities or services of sock management system.

Stock management system in c#

Stock management system in c#

Stock System Modules :

  • SELL

SELL – Sell module used for sell product.


  • Company
  • Stock
  • Client
  • Payment


  • Stock
  • Sell
  • Payment
  • Bill


  • Customer Order
  • Company Stock
  • Reports


  • Company Payment
  • Account
  • Change Password

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