Student Management System Project in C# .Net

Student Management System Project in C# .Net

Lets, start to develop project for student management system using visual studio 2010.

All students can easily learn about visual studio .Net and SQL server and they may be expertise with it. Most of the students don’t have an idea about how to start a project or web application in visual studio .Net. They know all the other things related to project like documentation, diagram, ppt, but they don’t understand what is the first step to start website or windows application project in C#.Net.

In this post we will learn step by step to develop student management system software windows application project in visual studio 2010 using c# Language.

Student Management System Project

Project Title :  Student Management System
Abstract : Student management system project used to maintain and track students detail with course and fees for any education organization.
Project Type :  Desktop / Windows Application
Technology : Visual Studio 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008 Database

Project Abstract :

In this .net article we will discuss student management system software which is used in coaching classes for maintaining student detail. Our main focus in this student software to keep student records and maintain student fees detail. In this student management software only owner or administrator can operate the system. Admin has to first add detail of course with course name, duration and fees which are run in organization. The next work is to create teacher profile with suitable course. After adding course detail and teacher detail we can add student detail in our system. We provide search facility by course wise, student wise, fees status wise, teacher wise in our project. This student management software help us to find student fees status, paid or remaining.

Start to create student management system in c# .net

The first step to develop dynamic software system we need to use database server to store the records permanently. Here, we use SQL Server database to keep the data. In SQL Server we have to create table to store the record, so here first we have to create some table according to our system.

SQL server database table detail

Here, In this student software we need to create four table in sql server.

Table Name  Description
CourseMst This table contain course detail Name, Duration and Fees detail.
TeacherMst Table contain teacher detail Name, Qualification detail and Course detail.
StudentMst Table store all the detail of student Personal detail, Education detail, Course and Fees Detail.
UserMst Table Store username and password detail for login purpose.

After done above database work open visual studio 2010 and create windows application using c# language. Then create and design windows form for adding course detail, teacher detail, student detail, fees detail, user detail and search page.

let’s understand all windows form one by one with screen to more understand about student software.

ADD Course Form

Student management software
Add Course Form – Student Management System

Above image shows how to add course detail with course name, fees, time duration detail.

ADD Teacher Form

student management system
Add Teacher Form – Student Management System

ADD Student Form

student system
Add Student Form – Student Management System C#.Net

Here, we add student personal detail with education detail, In education detail portion we can select only those course which we have already added to system. The course fees detail automatically fetch according to course. After adding student detail we can manage fees detail.

ADD Fees Form

This student fees form used to maintain student fees detail. Admin makes fees entry when student paid fees to institute. This form very useful to maintain fess status by paid fees and remaining fees.

Student Management System
Add Fees Form – Student Management System C#.Net

Student Search Form

Here, we provide search facility by student name wise, course wise, teacher wise and fees status wise.

student management software
Student Search Form – Student Management System C#.Net

This student management software system has some more forms like :

  • Delete Student Account Form
  • Add Login User Form
  • Delete Course Form
  • Delete Teacher Form

Video Tutorial – Student Management System C#.Net Project

Download Student Management System .Net Project.

Download project with source code
Download Student Management System C#.Net Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database Stored Procedure. Download SP
Use Case Diagram for Student Information System Download Use Case
Activity Diagram for Student Management System Download Activity
DFD Diagram for Student Management System Download DFD
ER Diagram for Student Management System Download ERDiagram
FlowChart for Student Information System FlowChart

Student Management System Database Dictionary

Below video tutorial shows the database table of student management system project.

Project Tips :

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Learn how to download and run c# .net project with source code. Project Demo

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We hope that this c# tutorial helped you to understand Student Management System Project.

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  1. I have downloaded and made the required changes however i’m still facing the incorrect password issue. below are the changes that i have made, in app.config and Settings.settings pages i changed the Initial Catalog value to GTECHS
    connectionString=”Data Source=.\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=GTECHS;Integrated Security=True”

    Data Source=.\sqlexpress;Initial Catalog=GTECHS;Integrated Security=True

    please advise.

  2. Thanks at meera academy … I love u guys. Pls upload student ID-Card printing system in C# desktop app … Many student are being blessed from your effort for us

  3. Invalid length for a Base 64 char array!!.
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  4. Thank you for this project..
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  5. Respected sir/madam,
    I couldn’t find web.config file I found only app.config file I’m using 2019 version of visual studio can you help me.

  6. i have entered the name and password in usermst table in backend but when i try to login in the frontend its showing invalid password or username! I have connected the database properly! Please reply ASAP!

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