Online Food Ordering System ASP.Net

Online Food Ordering System Website ASP.Net

In this post we learn to develop a online shopping website for food ordering system. People can make order for food at online from our food ordering website by making online payment. After making a order we delivered food at his home.

Online food ordering system PROJECT SUMMARY

Project Title : Online Food Ordering System
Project Type :  Website
Technology : Visual Studio ASP.Net 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008 Database

Introduction of system

In this fast generation people are very bury their routine work. so some time they din’t spend time for shopping and going to restaurant for food.

We developed the system to get food at home delivery by making a online order on our system. We develop a web based application in with c# language which provide wast categories foods and user can easily make order for testy food from our website within a minute at any where using internet.

User need to make online payment for confirm order some time all user are not able to do online payment, so we provide cash on delivery option for our regular customer.

In online food system there are main two modules first is Admin and second is User or Customer.

Admin is a responsible person who operate the whole system. Admin has rights to add, delete, modify category , item and  all other information regarding to online food ordering system.

User is a visitor of our website, who visit the site and make some order for food by making online payment or cash on delivery option.

Food Ordering Site Video

Existing System

  •  The current system is totally manual.
  • Maintain all data records in on paper.
  • Due to manually process, it requires more time for completion of any work.
  • Lots of time consumed to the requires is difficult and time consuming.
  • Manual system is takes more time to compete any task.
  • This system require more human resource to run the system.
  • Require infrastructure to operate the system
  • People need to come at shop for order food.
  • View past reports task is very tadius.

Need for New System

  • This System required less time for processing.
  • Reduce paper work and paper cost.
  • Reduce the infrastucture cost.
  • Easily generate and maintain the reports
  • Various details have to be providing to the management at any time.
  • Better Security.
  • The System require less human resource.

Online food ordering system website project has four tables in database server.
Project Database Tables :

  • ProductMst
  • OrderMst
  • PaymentMst
  • UserMst

Download Food Ordering Site Project

Download project with source code
Download Food Ordering System in ASP.Net Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database Download Database
DFD Diagram for Food Ordering Site Download DFD
E-R Diagram for Food Ordering Site E-R Diagram
System FlowChart Diagram for Food Ordering Site Download FlowChart

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  1. sir i have this error while running the project [Object reference not set to an instance of an object. ] what shall i do?

  2. Sir…
    Password is showing incorrectly in (Online Food Ordering System) or All other projects also…
    When I enter login ID and Password…

    Which is as follows…
    [ For Online Food Ordering System
    Password=12345 ]

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