Online Camera Shopping Website in ASP.Net

Online Camera Shopping Website Project in ASP.Net C#

In this ASP.Net tutorial we will learn how to develop online shopping website with c# language step by step. We also provide project diagram like DFD, E-R Diagram, Class Diagram and also provide source code for download for practice purpose.


Project Title : Online Camera Shopping Website Project
Project Concept : Online Camera Shopping website with user and admin module.
Type of Project : Web application
Technology : ASP.Net C# Language as Front End
Database : SQL-Server 2008 as Back End

Introduction / Abstract

The Online Camera Shopping website project is new concept for sell camera product online with online payment option. The online shopping website developed for a selling product online using internet in all over world.

The Online Camera Shopping website is a web based application which helps user to find latest Camera with different patterns on internet. This website allow people to directly buy latest Camera from website by making online payment through any bank debit or credit card.

Online Shopping Website project has main two module User/Customer and Admin.

The customer is a user who want to buy product from our website. For buy camera user need to register first after he can add product to cart and finally make a online payment for confirm the order. After confirm order user received order at his address.

The Admin is a responsible person to run the all website, or we can say the owner of website. Admin can manage all products, customer detail and order detail. Admin can add, delete and update any information regarding to camera like change price, add quantity.

Online Camera Shopping Site Modules

The online shopping system has main two modules :

  • Admin : Admin is a responsible person to run the whole system. Admin can add, delete, update all information related to system like category, item information, order information.
  • User / Customer : User is a visitor of a system, who visit the site and buy something from our website by making a online payment.

Both user and admin have different task in online shopping system. lets describe each module task with short description below.

Admin site module

  • Login module
  • Manage  Category
  • Manage Item
  • Manage user
  • Manage order
  • Manage Reports

User site module

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Make Order
  • Make Payment
  • Manage Account
  • Change Password

Download Camera Shopping Site Project

Download project with source code
Download Camera Shopping System Project in ASP.Net C#. Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database. Download Database

Note :

Download Full project source code with database. We provide full project only for educational purpose.

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