Society Management System Website Project in ASP.Net C#

Society Management System ASP.Net Project

In previous project post we have discussed about Student Management System , Milk Management System , Library Management System  , Medical Store system project in with c#.

In this project post we will learn about Housing Society management system.

Society Management System ASP.Net
Society Management System ASP.Net

Society Management System

Project Title : E- Housing Society Management System
Abstract : The Housing Helping Society is web application that manages society by houses with members details.
Project Type :  Website
Technology : Visual Studio ASP.Net 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008 Database

E – Housing Helping System Project in ASP.Net C#

The basic concept of this society system, we create global web based application in with c# language to manage  Society with House and Owner of house detail. We provide platform to register society to our system, and there are many houses according to each society. Each house allocated to owner of house, all the owner are members of our project. After becoming a member they can login to give his house on rent or sell for all users. The people can easily find search the rent house or sell house in which society and get contact detail of owner of house by visiting our website. All members can make online complain related home to society management.

Project Video Tutorial

 E- Housing Helping Society

Definition :

The Housing Helping Society is web application that manages society by houses with members details.

 Abstract of Project :

In this society management system all the society categorize by the number of houses. The people who lives in house they may be a owner of house or tenant of house.  In this era, people are very busy with their routine work, so they do not have time for complain small problem related to houses. We have developed the system for society member they can make complain form any where any time and we resolve the Complain as soon as possible. In this system people can easily find address of the house by providing member name.

The Member of our system can give advertise his house for rent and sell easily through our system by login his login detail. The main purpose of this site is to find out the house for rent and house for buy easily by visiting website.

Who can use the system

In this society helping system there are  are three types of user one is Admin, Owner of house or member of website and the third rest of all other people.

Functionality  of Admin :

Admin can manage all the  system by login with his username and password.

Admin can register or add detail of society and create or add detail of number of houses of particular society.
After crating a house, allocate the house to member and generate username and password for all the member of this system. The member is a owner of house.

Admin can responsible for solve complain made by any member of the system. Admin can manage reports of rent house, sell house and complain.

Functionality of Member / Owner of House :

In our society system admin can allocate house to member and member is a owner of house. Member can easily put his house on rent and sell whenever he wants. Member can make any complain related to house by login his account and he can change his account detail, contact detail.
Member can receive message from users regarding to rent or buy his  house in his message box.

Functionality of User :

User are the people who just search our website. User can easily find out detail of  house or get easily address of the house by providing member name or society name from our search page.

User can easily know about how many houses are on rent and how many on sell in which society with member detail through our society helping system website.


Here, we provide society system sql data dictionary.

TableName : SocietyMst
Detail : Table stores society detail
Columns :
int  – Society ID
SName nvarchar(50) – SocietyName
Address nvarchar(50)
City nvarchar(50)
Pincode nvarchar(50)
NoHouse int – Total no of house in society
Image nvarchar(200) – Picture of society
EntryDate datetime – Society create date
TableName : HouseMst
Detail : Table stores House detail according to created society
Columns :
int  – House ID
BlockNo int – Number of House unique for each house
Type nvarchar(50) – Type of House (1bhk, 2bhk, etc..)
Detail nvarchar(200)
nvarchar(50) – SocietyName
Image nvarchar(200) – Picture of House
EntryDate datetime – House create date
TableName : UserMst
Detail : Table stores user detail with house detail
Columns :
int  – User ID
FName nvarchar(50) – User First Name
LName nvarchar(50) – User Last Name
Email nvarchar(50) – User Email address
Mobile nvarchar(50) – User Mobile No
Bdate datetime – User birth date
HouseID int – user is owner of this house no
SocietyName nvarchar(50) – Society name
Member int -Total member of house
UserName nvarchar(50) – Username for log in to system
Password nvarchar(50) – Password for log in to system
Image nvarchar(200) – Picture of User
EntryDate datetime – User create date
TableName : RentMst
Detail : Table stores the detail of rent house
Columns :
int  – Rent ID
HID int – House Id
SName nvarchar(50) – SocietyName
UID int – Owner ID of house
Rent float – House Rent Price
EntryDate datetime – Rent create date
TableName : SellMst
Detail : Table stores Sell House detail
Columns :
int  – Sell ID
 int – House Id
 nvarchar(50) – SocietyName
int – Owner ID of house
 float – House Sell Price
datetime – Sell create date
TableName : ComplainMst
Detail : Table stores the member complains and problems.
Columns :
int  – Complain ID
UID int – User ID, who makes complain
Subject nvarchar(200) – Subject of complain
Complain nvarchar(500) – Complain message
Reply nvarchar(200) – Answer or solution of complain
Status nvarchar(50) – Status of compalin solved or pending
EntryDate datetime – House create date
TableName : MessageMst
Detail : Table stores detail of send and receive message.
Columns :
int  – Message ID
FromName nvarchar(200) – Sender
ToName nvarchar(200) – Receiver
Subject nvarchar(200)
Message nvarchar(500)
EntryDate datetime – message date
ASP.Net Project
SQL Server database table for society management system.

Download Society Helping System Website Project

Download project with source code
Download Society Management System C#.Net Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database Stored Procedure. Download SP
Use Case Diagram Society Management System. Download Use Case
Activity Diagram For Society Management System Activity Diagram
E-R Diagram For Society Management System Download ERDiagram
DFD Diagram For Society Management System Download DFD
Flow chart Diagram For Society Management System Download FlowChart

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