Payroll Management System Project in ASP.Net

Employee Payroll System Project

Today, we are going to learn about very famous project topic Payroll Management System or Employee Management System. Payroll management system concept used in many organization, where they have to manage employee, worker detail, manage leave and salary.

We have developed this system in web version using ASP.Net C# with SQL-Server database.

Payroll Management System - ASP.Net
Payroll Management System – ASP.Net

Payroll Management System

Project Title :  Employee Payroll System
Abstract : Employee payroll system used for manage employee detail and manage employee leave and generate employee salary and generate reports and salary pay slip.
Project Type : Website
Technology : ASP.Net Visual Studio 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008

Payroll System Project Overview

The main concept we cover in our system is manage employee detail, manage leave, Generate monthly salary, Extra Allowance and Deduction. Admin is a responsible for operate whole system. Admin has rights to Add new Employee, Each employee has a unique username and password to login in to system. After login in to system all employee can apply for a leave with valid reason. The admin can check leave and he can approve and reject employee leave. According to approve leave the leave deduction will be deducted from salary.

At the time of generate salary we can manually set Travel Allowance, Medical Allowance, Washing Allowance and Calculate HR and DA. Admin can generate and view Employee Report, Leave Report, month wise salary report, year wise salary report, Employee wise salary report. We have use crystal report for generate salary slip of employee.

Payroll System Project Modules

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Module
  • Allowance and Deduction
  • Salary Module
  • User Account

Employee Management

Admin can add new class, add new employee and manage employee detail. Each employee has unnique username and password for operate the system.

Leave Module

Employee can apply for leave after login to system. Admin can respond leave by approve or reject. Employee can check his leave status it would be approve or reject.

Allowance and Deduction

At the time of salary generation Admin can set manually HR, DA, Travel, Medical, Washing Allowance for each employee.Leave will be deducted from salary.

Salary Module

Admin can generate month wise salary for each employee one by one and generate salary pay slip.

User Account

Create new admin account with username and password for operate system.

There are main two users who operate the system.

  • Admin
  • Employee

Admin Functionalities

  • Add Class
  • Add employee
  • Manage Leave
  • Set HR, DA and Allowance
  • Generate Salary
  • Generate Pay Slip
  • Create New Admin
  • Change Password
  • Employee Report
  • Leave Report

Employee Functionalities

  • Apply Leave
  • Leave Report
  • Salary Report
  • Print Salary Slip
  • Change Password

Download Payroll Management Project

Download project with source code
Download Payroll management system ASP.Net Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database Download Database
Use Case Diagram for payroll system Download Use Case
Activity Diagram for payroll system project Download Activity
E-R Diagram for payroll system Download ER Diagram
Flow Chart for Payroll management system Download FlowChart

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