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Email and SMS Server ASP.Net Project

Project Title :  Social Networking Site
Abstract : Email and SMS Server web application used to send email to any internet email and send sms to any mobile number.
Project Type : Website
Technology : ASP.Net Visual Studio 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008

Project Introduction :

E-mail and SMS server is a web based application developed in c# as front end and sql server 2008 as back end database. Email and SMS Server web application used to send email to any internet email and send sms to any mobile number.

We develop a website for all user, user has to get registered first and then login in to system user can send email within our system and also send email to other internet email address using our system. All users have Inbox, Send Item, Trash mail, Contact list facility  available in our system. We use SMTP protocol for send internet email.
We also develop sms module in this website, In sms module user can send text message on any register users mobile number thought  our system. Basically the website is use full for send email  and SMS on mobile.

Video Tutorial of Email and SMS Server website project.

Download Email and SMS Server Site Project

Download project with source code
Download Email and SMS Server Site in ASP.Net Download Project
Download SQL-Server Database Download Database

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  1. Very great work by you sir!! Thanks alot it helped me alot. I just had one question , What more we can add in this project? What will be the future scope for this project? Please do reply if possible as it will be alot helpful for me. Waiting for your reply..
    Thank You!

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