Validation Controls in ASP.Net

ASP.Net – Validation Controls

In this tutorial we will discuss about validation controls.
Validation is an important process to give valid input data with proper format from user to web form then give meaning full output. As we know all web forms must be validated properly. In ASP.Net we can validate form manually by doing coding or use readymade validation control from toolbox.

Types of Validation

There are two types of validation in ASP.Net

  • Client-Side Validation
  • Server-Side Validation

Client-Side Validation : Client side validation is done on the client browser. Client side validation is faster than sever side validation.
We use JavaScript, JQuery for client side validation.

Server-Side Validation : Server side validation is done on the web server. We use custom logic code for server side validation.

ASP.Net provides the following validation controls :

ASP.Net Validation controls are server side as well client side.

  1. CompareValidator Control
  2. RangeValidatator Control
  3. RegularExpressionValidator Control
  4. RequiredFieldValidator Control
  5. ValidationSummary Control

Next post we will learn one by one all validation control in details.

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