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Button Control in ASP.Net.

ASP.Net Button Control - The Button control in is used to display a simple push or click button on web forms. Button control allow user to write server code for programming.

Literal Control in ASP.Net.

ASP.Net Literal Control - The Liter control in is used to display a simple message on web page. we can not apply any style on literal control. Literal control text is simple black color text.

Label Contol in ASP.Net.

ASP.Net Label control - The Label control is used to display formatted text on web page in The label control display text on webpage.

What is Web Server Control in ASP.Net ?

 Web Server Control in ASP.Net

  • There are many control in .net technology.
  • Web Server Control are located in ToolBox in view menus.
  • All the control who have a tag runat=”server“, those all controls are web server control.
  • HTML controls do not have a runat=”server” tag.
  • All the web server control have many Properties and Events.

  • Common Properties for Web Controls

    1. BackColor – Change the background color of the control.
    2. CssClass – StyleSheet file name(Apply Style on control)
    3. Enable – true/false (Enable and Disable button)
    4. Enable Theming – true/false(Enable/Disable effect of them on control)
    5. Visible – true / false (Show and hide button)
    6. PostBackUrl – (Redirect to other page, Open the Pdf file or Image)
    7. OnClientClick – function name (Execute the java script function)
    8. CausesValidation – true /false (Enable / Disable Effect of Validation control)
    9. ToolTip – Display the tips on control when mouse over.
    10. TabIndex – Manage the Order of Tab.
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