GridView Control in ASP.Net

ASP.Net – GridView Control

GridView control is used to display whole table data on web page. In GridView control each column define a filed or title, while each rows represents a record or data.

The GridView control dipaly data with rows and columns wise, we can display whole table in GridView and we also display only required columns from table in GridView control in

In GridView control we can easily do sorting, paging and inline editing.

Also we can perform editing and deleting operation on displayed data with GridView control.

GridView Control Syntax :

<asp:GridView ID=”GridView1″ runat=”server”>

GridView Example in ASP.Net C#

Now let’s take an example to bind data in to GridView.

Here, we learn how to bind and diaplay data in GridView control from sql server database in c#.

GridView Control Example in ASP.Net C#

Step 1 – Open the Visual Studio –> Create a new empty Web application.

Step 2 – Create a New web page.

Step 3 – Drag and drop GridView Control on web page from toolbox.

Step 4 – Create New Database in SQL Server

Step 5 – Make connection between Database and web application.

In this example we will bind data to GridView from SQL server database. So, we need to do connection between our web application and sql server database. There are several method for make connection, we will explain three different connection method  in our example.

  1. Bind data using SQL Connection and SQL DataAdapter
  2. Bind Data using DataSet and Table Adapter
  3. Bind Data using LINQ method.

ASP.Net GridView Control Example

Design web form with GridView control along with three button as show s in below figure.

GridView control in
ASP.Net GridView Control.

First add namespace on code page.

using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Data;

Bind data using SQL Connection and SQL DataAdapter

Now, write below code on ‘Display Data’ button.
This connection method we use SQLConnection and SQLDataAdapter object and write sql query in code behind page. This sql connection method are basic connection method.

Bind Data using DataSet and Table Adapter

Write below code on ‘Display Data using SP’ Button.

In this method we use DataSet and SQL Stored Procedure for sql connection. Use Table Adapter instead of DataAdapter.

Bind Data using LINQ method.

Write below code on ‘Display Data using LINQ’ button.

Here, we use LINQ method to fetch data from sql server and Display data in to GridView control.

Here is the result of above GridView example.

GridView control in
ASP.Net GridView Control.


Full code of code behind page C# code.

In our next tutorial we will learn more about GridView Control.

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