Download and Run ASP.Net Project

Download and Execute ASP.Net Website

Hello to all, Today I am going to write the most valuable and demandable topic. We have received too many comments from our readers, they all want to know how to setup and run project or website after downloaded from our website.

In this tutorial I will give you full guideline to setup project with video tutorial.

Download and Run ASP.Net Project

STEP 1 : Go to –> PROJECT

STEP 2 : Download Project Source Code

STEP 3 : Download SQL Stored Procedure File

STEP 4 : Open SQL Server –> Create New Database

STEP 5 : Create Tables in Database as show in Video Tutorial

STEP 6 : Import SQL Stored Procedure

STEP 7 : Open Visual Studio –> File –> Open –> Website

STEP 8 : Change Database name in web.config file.

STEP 9 : Run the Project….DONE.

In below video tutorial we have described all process in detail for setup and run project after downloaded.

For More Project Video

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49 thoughts on “Download and Run ASP.Net Project

  1. In the Society management , What is this DS_USER.USERMST_SELECTDataTable UDT = new DS_USER.USERMST_SELECTDataTable();

    This is in the change password field

  2. There is an error!
    Could not find Publication_insert Stored Procedure in Library management System while executing add publication page

    1. All stored procedure already given in download file.


  3. ma’am
    in email server project on registration page there is no specification of entry date but entry date column is present in db table.

  4. Hi, when i run Default.aspx, there is errow shows;
    1. The type or namespace name ‘DS_STUDENT’ , ‘DS_STUDENTTableAdapters’, DS_ADMIN’, ‘DS_ADMINTableAdapters’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an asssembly reference?) and some more.

    I already create SQL database and import SP into database.

      1. Thanks for your reply
        All dbo. was saved in stored procedure folder. Is there any solution?
        Also how to manually key in username and password in AdminMst table? Do i need to add in query?

  5. sir i am using your library managment system when making database is it necessary to define foreign kesy or just promary key is enough for runing project

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