Online Teaching Project in ASP.Net

Online Teaching Website ASP.Net Project

Online teaching is a communication platform between student and teacher. This online teaching system there are three users teacher, student and admin. Admin is a owner of a whole system. Teacher and student both are registered user of our site. They have username and password for login in to website.

Registerd teachers can upload material for their subject after login to system.
Online teaching project provide facilities for students to learn online subject and read material and also download material for their subject after becoming a member of this site.

Register student can download and read material online from everywhere using internet.
Students and teachers can send and receive messages to each other.

Online Teaching Project in ASP.Net C#
Online Teaching Project in ASP.Net C#

Online Teaching Website

Project Title : Online Teaching Website Project
Abstract : Online teaching is a communication platform between student and teacher.
Project Type :  Website
Technology : Visual Studio ASP.Net 2010 with C# Language
Database : SQL-Server 2008 Database

Project Modules

  1. Admin
  2. Teacher
  3. Student

Admin functionalities

  1. Login
  2. Add Branch
  3. Add Staff
  4. Staff Reports
  5. User Reports
  6. Upload Reports
  7. Download Reports
  8. Feedback

Staff Functionalities

  1. Login
  2. My Account
  3. Upload Document
  4. Upload PDF File
  5. Send Receive Message
  6. Change Password
  7. Upload Reports
  8. Download Reports

Student Functionalities

  1. Registraion
  2. Login
  3. My Account
  4. Download Document
  5. Download PDF File
  6. Send Receive Message
  7. Change Password


Download Online Teaching Website Project

Download project with source code
Download Online Teaching Project C#.Net Downlaod
Download SQL-Server Database. Downlaod
DFD for Online Teaching system. DFD Download
Flow Chart of Online Teaching System  Download

Project Tips :

Download Full project source code with database. We provide full project only for educational purpose.

Download and Run Project Demo :

Learn how to download and run c# .net project with source code. Project Demo

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65 thoughts on “Online Teaching Project in ASP.Net

  1. I want a source code for this project.without any send me the relevant website for downloading the source code.plsssssss.

  2. when I want to run download page in online teaching website It is showing create stored procedure how should I create ,it showing for all the page create stored procedure.but I have already downloaded stored procedure that you have given.then What should I do .how to connect
    data base sql connection to .please give me the full code with sql connection.It is very urgent.plsssss help me.

    1. Please, Download project and database file from website.
      For Database Open SQL –> Create Database = ‘OTeaching’ –> Open New Query windows –> Past database backup script –> Execute query…Done.

  3. Okay, Everything is fine except for some few things:
    There is no Database code for Creation of Student Table and hence no procedures as well.
    I tried copying the contents of the Registration Table and procedures but it did not work as well. Rest, the code is all fine. Worked Smooth. Please review the project and Add Student tables and its procedures like insert,Modify and Delete

  4. what’s the name of the database file, I can’t find it

    Is it in the ” Download Online Teaching Project C#.Net ” ??

  5. There is no .bak file attached in download. That is only a txt file and I’m unable to understand it. Is it a query or script? How to get backup file to restore database?

  6. how to know the username and password for all login form..all are giving invalid or login error problem.

  7. Hi ,
    Data Base has been restore , but what is the admin user id and password , and do we need any webconfig chage on

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