Adding Controls on a web form ASP.Net

In our last tutorial we did successfully run website. Now, in this post we will learn how to design website form with controls.

The controls are allow to make programming, get some input from user, controls are used to make design web form and also allow to execute programming code. There are two types of controls in programming language. A Server side controls and Client side  control.

Server site controls

The server side control must have runat=’server’ attribute tag. All .net controls are server side controls where as all HTML controls are client side control.

Server Side Controls can be directly accessible from code behind programming page. The Client Side controls are not directly accessible on code behind page.We can access them with other methods.

Adding controls on  C# web forms

If we want to add some control on web page, we can use Toolbox on the left side in Visual Studio. All the server side controls are placed in Toolbox panel.

Open Toolbox and just select control drag and drop control to web form where you want. If Toolbox not visible in visual studio, got to View menu select Toolbox option to visible Toolbox in Visual Studio OR press “Ctrl + w + x” key to add Toolbox in visual studio.

View menu – > Toolbox  OR press Ctrl + w + x

Below screen display all server side controls in Toolbox.

Display server side controls in Toolbox ASP.Net
Display server side controls in Toolbox ASP.Net


Note : The Toolbox can only visible on .aspx design page not on .aspx.cs page.

Now, lets add some controls on web form. first add TextBox control on web form from Toolbox, just select TextBox control in Toolbox and drag and drop on web form or make double click on TextBox control it will added on web form then add Button control on web form like shows below screen.

Adding server side control to web form.
Adding server side control to web form.

The TextBox control allow user to input values and the Button control execute programming code when user click on it.

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We hope that this tutorial helped you to understand about server side control and how to add control on web form in visual studio.

Next, tutorial we will understand about Properties of server side control in

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