.NET Framework Versions

.Net Framework Versions

In 2002 Microsoft company release .net framework, the basic first .net framework are .net framework 1.0 and .net framework 1.1. Microsoft release new framework with some modification and changes with new .net framework version name. The latest .net frame work last  version is .net framework 4.5 and .net framework 4.5.2.

Below we show the list of Microsoft .Net framework with release year.

No .Net Framework Version Release Date Product Name
1 .Net Framework 1.0 13/02/2002 Visual Studio .Net
2 .Net Framework 1.1 24/04/2003 Visual Studio 2003
3 .Net Framework 2.0 07/11/2005 Visual Studio 2005
4 .Net Framework 3.5 19/11/2007 Visual Studio 2008
5 .Net Framework 4.0 12/04/2010 Visual Studio 2010
6 .Net Framework 4.5 15/08/2012 Visual Studio 2012
7 .Net Framework 4.5 17/10/2013 Visual Studio 2013
8 .Net Framework 4.6 20/07/2015 Visual Studio 2015
9 .Net Framework 4.7 07/03/2017 Visual Studio 2017
10 .Net Framework 4.8 02/04/2019 Visual Studio 2019

.Net Framework History

Before 2002, Microsoft company has two different product for develop Website and Windows application. Microsoft provide ASP(Active Server Page) tools for developing only website application and for Windows application Microsoft has VB(6.0) Visual Basic.

In 2002, Microsoft Company merge ASP and VB(6.0) and release .Net Framework with Visual Studio 2002.

ASP – Active Server Page 
Only for develop Web application (Website)
ASP is an Interpreted Language

VB (6.0) – Visual Basic 6.0
Only for develop Windows application (Desktop)

In 2002, Microsoft release .NET Framework by merging ASP and VB 6.0.

ASP + VB (6.0) = .NET Framework  with Visual Studio .Net

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