Difference between ASP and ASP.Net

ASP and ASP.Net

ASP and ASP.Net both are Microsoft Technology for web development. ASP.Net is next version on ASP.

ASP – Active Server Page

  • ASP uses language as VBScript, JScrit.
  • ASP web pages have an extension with .asp like ‘index.asp’.
  • ASP is interpreted language not a compiled.
  • ASP script code Written with in HTML code.
  • ASP uses ADO technology to connect database.
  • ASP is a partially object oriented language.


  • ASP.Net uses compiled language like C#, VB, C++ and J#.
  • ASP.Net web pages have an extension with .aspx like ‘index.aspx’.
  • ASP.Net is compiled language.
  • ASP.Net programming code written in separate code behind page, ‘index.asp.cs’ file for c# language.
  • ASP.Net uses ADO.Net technology to connect database.
  • ASP.Net is fully object oriented.

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