Working with ASP.Net web forms

Now, lets understand about web page, we have already created Default.aspx web form in our previous tutorial. We know the web page divided in two part the Default.aspx is a design part and the Default.aspx.cs is coding part.

Working with web forms


Here we given design page screen which contains html script code. The Defaul.aspx page allow user to design user interface to use website or application. Default.aspx web page in website application Default.aspx web page in website application

In above Default.aspx web form we can see on bottom of the screen three option Design | Split | Source.  Design portion display the design output of web form, and the Source portion we write HTML code for design web page. The Design and Source both are the same thing we can make any changes on Design part it will automatically reflect on Source part.


ASP.Net Default.aspx.cs web page in website application
ASP.Net Default.aspx.cs web page in website application

The Default.aspx.cs page allow programmer to write c# programming code to develop website application.

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We hope that this post helped you to understand about web form design part and code behind part in visual studio.

Next, tutorial we will understand how to website.

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