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ASP.Net Technology

ASP.Net is a server side technology for web development. ASP.Net is a open source web framework for developing a powerful web sites, web application and web services.

ASP.Net is a part of Microsoft .Net Framework. It was released with version 1.0 in 2002 of the .Net Framework. ASP.Net application we can have access to all the libraries and classes provided in .Net Framework.

ASP.Net is a used for build web sites and web application. ASP.Net web sites contain web forms which design using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. ASP.Net web application comes with built in server side control like buttons, text boxes. labels etc.

The .Net Framework offers multiple language to build web application in ASP.Net such as C#, Visual Basic, C++, J#. tutorial
Learn for developing web application.

ASP.Net use all language supported in .Net framework which built on CLR (Common Language Runtime). ASP.Net use FCL (Framework Class Library) or BCL supported .Net languages like C# and VB.Net. Programmer can develop website using C# language, Vb language and also using J# and C++. But programmer widely used C# programming language for developing website application.

Before, release ASP.Net Microsoft has ASP(Active Server Page) for developing web sites. The ASP.Net is a next version of ASP. As a beginner of ASP.Net we need to understand first about ASP and .Net Framework.

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We hope that this Introduction to tutorial helped you to understand Basic fundamental of Technology.

Next tutorial we will understand about difference between ASP vs ASP.Net.

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