Adding new web form in

Up to this we got idea to create new website application in using c# language. Now, in this tutorial we will learn to add web forms in our website and adding server side control on web page.

In previous post we have created new website with “MyfirstWebsite” name at “G/Project” folder. The Solution Explorer display whole project web forms with folders.

Adding New Web form in ASP.Net website application.

Open Solution Explorer -> Right click on Website -> Add New Item

Start to learn ASP.Net 2010 with c# language.
Add new web forms in website application.

Select Web Form option on below screen and click Add button to add new web form in our web application. The web form can be added in the Solution Explorer.

Add new web forms in website application.
Add new web forms in website application.

We can see the newly added web form with name “Default.aspx” in the area of Solution Explorer. We can change the name while creating new web form. Now we can see the web page in solution explorer. The same process we can add web pages in our web site by going to add new item option.

Solution Explorer in ASP.Net C#
Solution Explorer in ASP.Net C#


Default.aspx page is Design page contains HTML code.

Default.aspx.cs page is coding page where we write C# programming code.

Here ,we can see the web page “Default.aspx” which is use  for design purpose. This “Default.aspx” page contain HTML code,CSS, and JavaScript code. The “Default.aspx.cs” page is a code behind page which allow programmer to write programming language, we use C# language here.

If we create same web application with vb language, then the only page “Default.aspx.cs” replaced with “Default.aspx.vb” only the programming page can be changed, vb instead of c#. The “Default.aspx” design page remain same.

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