What is ASP.Net Technology?

ASP.Net Technology

ASP.Net is a tool or technology for developing a powerful web and windows application using different languages.

ASP.Net is not a coding language, It is a software that provide plate form for developing powerful website and windows application.

as.net technology
Learn asp.net for developing web and windows application.

In ASP.Net technology we can develop both Website and Windows application using different programming language as shows like above figure.

We can develop website using C# language, Vb language and also using J# and C++. But programmer mostly used C# programming language for develop website application. We can also develop Windows based application using all four kind of language.

Difference between ASP.Net and VB.Net.

The ASP.Net is a tools for develop web and windows application where as the VB.net is a programming language as like C#.net language.

Many students or programmers are confused about ASP.Net and VB.Net, They believe that the ASP.Net is used for website development and VB.Net is used for Windows based application, but I give you very clear idea about ASP.Net and VB.Net.

  • The ASP.Net is a technology or Microsoft licence Product for developing Website and Windows application.
  • The VB.net is a programming language same as C#.net.

ASP.Net History

Before 2002, Microsoft company has two different product for develop Website and Windows application. Microsoft provide ASP(Active Server Page) tools for developing only website application and for Windows application we use VB(6.0) Visual Basic.

In 2002, Microsoft Company merge ASP and VB(6.0) and release .Net Framework with Visual Studio 2002.

ASP – Active Server Page (Microsoft License Product)
Only for develop Web application (Website)
ASP is an Interpreted Language

VB (6.0) – Visual Basic 6.0 (Microsoft License Product)
Only for develop Windows application (Desktop)

In 2002, Microsoft release .NET Framework by merging ASP and VB 6.0.

ASP + VB (6.0) = .NET Framework  with Visual Studio ASP.Net.

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